London Bridge Attack: Inhumane, Atrocious, and Non-Muslim  

“Humanity is but a single brotherhood, so make peace with your brethren.”  (The Quran 49:10)

Today, I woke up to news of more bloodshed, to a world who’d lost 7 of its innocent and unsuspecting civilians, I am truly and utterly disheartened by the news (as anyone in their right minds would be), but to say that I was surprised would be a lie and that scared me lots, the fact that terrorism is now becoming to feel like the new normal, the frequency of such horrific attacks has brought a new and disgusting sense of normality to the situation. But I refuse to function in fear, I refuse to accept such vileness, I refuse to lose my faith in mankind. As per usual, accounts of the assailants shouting ‘this is for Allah’ were shared, further tarnishing the global image of Islam. But that’s not the problem you see, in every good there is bad and in every bad there is good, Islam is a fairly good religion, one I’ve followed for all of my life, one I solemnly believe in and continue to practice until this day, the fact that some people have chosen to commit crimes in its name is utterly devastating and it’s also the biggest misrepresentation of all. I’d like to say that I know a lot but in all honesty, I know what the media broadcasts, that’s what I know, I watch the news and I read the newspaper, and only a few months ago have I begun to realize that the media is no dependable source, -I’ve lived this, it’s not just a baseless claim- (I grew up in Egypt for most of my childhood and just recently moved to the Emirates, back in Egypt, during the 25/1 revolts, international media outlets would share very violent depictions of the ongoing terror, but in all honesty, half of what was told was false, exaggerated, and unreal) what you see on TV isn’t reality it’s what they want you to see, and I’ve only recently come to that realization, speaking of, the media has chosen to blame muslims, specifically those who belong to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (Isis) the first question that comes to my mind at the mention of such brutal force is their source of income, of Isis is what the media claims it to be, then it is utterly beyond me that they can afford such heavy weaponry without receiving any external aid,how can they possibly escape America’s watchful eye? It just doesn’t add up, who’s to say that this isnt just another American Intelligence ploy? (Because Muslims have been subjected to the torturous tactics of this state, they’ve bombed mosques, killed children, violated women, all in the name of Islam. )We need to get real, we need to start focusing on what actually matters, The government is clearly after the wrong people, which makes it easier for one to commit crimes within said country. Instead of blaming Muslims, let us join forces to beat this, to eliminate terror and injustice, instead of blaming each other, lets spread love and kindness across the land, we are all human, we have to stand as a unified front, how are we to beat ISIS when we’ve failed to find peace amongst ourselves? Trump is trolling the Mayor of London, barely 12 hours after the incident, now tell me, how can you expect us to eliminate danger when we can’t unite to fight it?