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Dedicated to Mr. Gregory Gray, perhaps the only teacher who lended me an ear, listened to me, and regarded me with interest. I have mad respect for this incredible teacher. Lots of love, Danah

What did he take her for? An imbecile? Jamila found his way of addressing her very degrading to the hours she spent reading and learning about the matter, yes she was only 16 but this by no means served as an excuse for him to regard her as though she knew nothing about anything, she refused to let her age define her abilities, who’s to say that the youths of today can’t make a change? Are all teenagers supposed to act recklessly? Are they all supposed to share the same interests of drinking, getting high, and flunking school tests? Why can’t we accept that people have different mental capacities and that we don’t all share the same perceptions of life? Jamila’s thoughts clouded her judgment and she impulsively started lecturing her teacher on how the fact that she’s only 16 doesn’t define her ability to do maths, she was spilling her thoughts, thoughts she spent days on days contemplating, to a teacher twice her age secretly earning his respect.

 the future is defined by today’s generation, it is the product of the quality of life we receive, it’s the product of years and years of experience, underestimating our ability of understanding life will only wear down our esteem, it will only hinder our ability of accepting ourselves and encompassing the genius thoughts that occur to us, it will plant a sense of ignorance and indifference in us, for that reason (and many others) one should take the time to listen to others, especially those younger, for you never know!