Thank you 💕

Just wanted to take the time to be thankful and reminisce about the past year, I’ve come such a long way, I’ve done myself proud and I am absolutely thankful for everyone who was there to help me through every step of the way, thank you, from the very bottom of my heart, which brings me to the next order of business, I stopped going to THERAPY! not many people know this, but I’ve been seeing a therapist ever since my mom passed away, it’s not something I talk about because well, these visits aren’t exactly my favorite, but I’ve accepted the fact that they are integral to my recovery. yesterday marked my very last visit to the therapists office, I will undoubtedly miss Dr. Leena, but I am so very happy, this journey has been a series of ups and downs (mostly downs) but I’ve managed to make it through safe and sound, I’m still in one piece, and what makes me all the more happier, is that this has undoubtedly shaped me. I’d like to thank my best friends for sticking by my side, namely Mo, Thor, Dana (yes, we have the same name), Sarah, Yasmina, and Amir. I love you all so much, I know that I wasn’t exactly a good friend, I know that now, but I’m so honored to have met each and every one of you, and I want you to know that I’m incredibly thankful for all the love and support, 
Mo, nobody can equal you in kindness (you are so very kind) , we’ve been through it all, thank you for talking me through it, i love you. 
Thor, I want to thank you for the memories and the countless sleepless nights we spent on Skype, thank you for listening, thank you for not questioning my antics and accepting me for who I am, I love you.

Dana, no words are capable of doing the love and support you’ve shown me justice, I love you so much, thank you for handling me and my random outbursts, I want to apologize for everything I’ve done, I was too busy trying to figure a way out of my head to notice, but I’m here now and that’s all that matters, I love you, it’s been a good year (the best so far) , don’t you think?

Yasmina, you were the first to notice my “fishy behavior” the first to ask what’s wrong, the first to check my wrists and reprimand me for my poor behavior, the first to talk some sense into me, the first to tell me that I was worth it and that I was capable of making it through whatever hardships life throws at me, you’re half way across the world, I’m surprisrd at how we still manage to find the time to talk and laugh and make memories despite the distance that separates us, thank you for teaching me that love comes from loving myself first, and that there is more to life than what I’ve seen, I love you for it, miss you lots 💕
Sarah, we don’t talk much anymore, but you will forever be my favorite volunteer buddy, you talked me through volunteering at the KHCC when I was too afraid to visit the hospital my mom had passed in, you walked me through every detail, took me to various benefits, lengthy lectures, and had me tutor your brother for the summer, you taught me a lot about life and compassion, you showed me the good side of life, you introduced me to a happier and better lifestyle, I am a better person thanks to you. I love you so much, see you soon x

Amir, talking about you and your girlfriend took my mind off of my life and it made everything a bit easier to deal with, you’ve been my best friend since KG, and I love you for it, I want you to know that you are precious and amazing and hands down the best Swimmer EVER, you beat ME, thank you for introducing me to almost every bomb movie I’ve ever watched, thank you for not buying me cigarettes when I begged you to, (not my proudest moment) I love you so much

There are so many more people I want to thank, so if you’re reading this and you know me personally, I want to thank you, for you’ve all taught me precious lessons, I love you all, for those of you I don’t know, I want you to remember that life gets better and that holding on to hope is very important, it’s what keeps us going, love yourself, take care of yourself, it might not seem like it now, but there’s always a tomorrow, keep that in mind. Have a great day y’all and if any of you want to contact me to talk over things or just… yknow TALK, dm me (@dyslexicpunk) Spread love and kindness, PEACE ✌🏿


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